Innocenti De Tomaso Bertone Mini mk1

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Launched in the mid 70 years, this Italian version of the famous mini "BMC" was originally the second model of the Morris Mini Minor needed to replace the round one designed by Alec Issigonis Version 15 years ago.

The history, two versions were produced jointly for the next 15 years.

What initially began as a design history. Marcello Gandini, chief engineer at Bertone had to work to restyle the mini while keeping the original template mini Englishwoman who became so successful for the past 15 years. We couldn't explain why this timeless style, but it is very easy to understand what are the origins of this body trench knife. When you know that Gandini Marciello is known as one of the fathers of bodys such as the Lamborghini Countach, the Bugatti EB110 but also from a Citroen BX or the Renault 5 Turbo. And I pass... the De Tomaso Pantera and Audi 50 are also partly attributed to him!

We are in the 70’s, Do you understand?

I find in nature a single creature having something in common with this car, the pit bull, perhaps to his crossed genes but above all for his stubborn character! Because- it was daring!

So it's an Italian. Descendant of an English and draw by a half greek. Its mechanical, for most versions has totally taken its English ancestor, was reworked in the De Tomaso version! And yes, the cooper already existed. And do not forget, this was meant to be a new version of the Mini, better, more modern, more efficient! Dare I say more Italian...


This De Tomasao version was intended to be sport, ultimate, like its name! The disc brakes were grafted to it and the usual list of sports revenue to. Oil Cooler, sport suspension, Alloy wheels, carburettor SU HS6, camshaft, sports exhaust, ... you name it! This legendary engin BMC 1275 ,which the English can be proud of, he no longer has nothing to do with the temperament of the mini even the cooper s track is upgraded! 


Unfortunately, this little bomb was produced only a few years and replaced by De Tomaso Turbo, which despite its name , lost some power in the battle and even one cylinder since she inherited a 3-cylinder Daihatsu supercharged when British Leyland arrived at the end of its commitments with the De Tomaso group.

Aurélien P.

PS: This version Well preserved thanks to a dinitrol treatment applied at the factory in 1978.

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